Cory Wharton's Flip Cup Team Challenge

Cory Wharton's Flip Cup Team Challenge

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Bored in the house and you’re in the house bored? Bring back the glory days of college house parties by gathering your group for a night of virtual flip cup! Cory Wharton from MTV’s The Challenge 35 will challenge your group through hilarious team challenges that will have you flashing back to sophomore year hangovers. Except this time, there’s no midterm the next morning.

Hurry—due to limited availability, these bookings will go fast!

How it works:
Book Cory Wharton to join your virtual party. He’ll connect with your group using the provided Zoom link and host a 25 minute flip cup team challenge for your crew.

The Team Challenges:

Cory will start by dividing the group into two even teams. If needed, Cory will join the team that does not include the bride, to even the rosters. Cory will instruct the group on which order they are flipping. Guests will watch the video grid to determine when it’s their turn to flip.

  • Challenge 1: Each team will participate in two “practice” rounds in which Cory will challenge each team to beat a set time depending on their team size. For example, a team of 6 guests will need to finish their flip-cup-line in under 30 seconds. They will attempt this twice. This will help guests understand gameplay before moving onto the party-wide challenges.
  • Challenge 2: Cory will then conduct a best-2-out-of-3 challenge of Team A vs Team B. 
  • Challenge 3: Cory will conduct one last challenge in which the entire party tries to beat a set time together. The party will attempt this twice, concluding a total of 6 rounds (possibly 7 if three are needed in the second challenge).

Parties must take place between May 13 and June 30, 2020 to participate.